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Developing a Strategic Plan for a Program in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Developing a Vision Statement


Vision: A statement of what the program wants to be in the future. The Vision Statement provides the major long-term direction for the program's planning and is the ultimate outcome to be achieved through the planning process.

Current Program Vision Statement

[Insert current Vision Statement if available.]

Process for Developing a Vision Statement

Developing a Vision Statement involves looking at the future and deciding where the program wants to be in the future by doing the following:

  1. Address the following questions:
    • What will the discipline of communication sciences and disorders look like in the future?
    • What will the program of the future be like?
    • What role should the program play in the future?
    • How should the program be different than it is now?
  2. Discuss what the future might look like for the program. Identify possible scenarios.
  3. Draft the Vision Statement
    • External-How the program intends to change the discipline and the professions.
    • Internal-What the program will look like when it is operating effectively and efficiently in providing value-added programs.

New or Revised Vision Statement

[Insert new/revised Vision Statement.]

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