American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Resolutions Process

Sources of Resolutions

Most resolutions originate with Association committees, boards, councils, special interest groups, National Office staff, or other ad hoc committees or working groups. Resolutions may also originate with individual members of the Association. Resolutions are directed to the National Office, attention Board of Directors (BOD) Manager.

Members have the option of submitting resolutions for BOD consideration via the ASHA website. Members are asked to include contact information, an abstract, the RESOLVED statement(s), and the Rationale. Resolutions submitted via the website will be delivered to the Association Governance Operations Team (AGOT) staff. Based on the content of the resolution, AGOT will forward the resolution to the National Office staff member/unit who has the most information related to the resolution for development of the budget section if needed.

Resolutions are submitted to an internal review team comprised of representatives from editorial services, budget, information services, and the appropriate chief staff officer. After adjustments resulting from the review process have been made, the resolution is submitted to the BOD for consideration.

Action on Resolutions

Resolutions for BOD consideration are posted on the BOD’s Collaboration Site as well as the ASHA website. At the time of posting, a discussion period is defined and a voting period is identified. Following posting of a resolution, the Board members are alerted of the item for discussion.

In the event a Board member wishes to have face-to-face discussion of a resolution, the member may move to have the resolution in question held for the next meeting of the BOD. Following an affirmative vote of the motion to hold a resolution for discussion, the resolution will be placed on the agenda for the next BOD meeting.

When voting has concluded, an e-mail message is sent to the Board member submitting the resolution as well as the applicable staff member. The results are also posted to the ASHA website.

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