Students Preparing for Academic and Research Careers (SPARC) Award Recipients

The SPARC Award is offered as part of ASHA's Strategic Objective to Increase Research Commitment. The goal of SPARC is to foster students' interest in the pursuit of PhD education and careers in academia in order to fill faculty/researcher vacancies in communication sciences and disorders (CSD). It allows students to prepare for successful PhD education and exciting careers in research and teaching. The SPARC Award gives students an opportunity to participate in teaching and research with guidance from a mentor and travel to enhance teaching and research exposure.

2015 Recipients

Sheida Abdi, University of South Carolina
Primary Mentor: Suzanne Adlof

Sara Acton, Eastern Michigan University
Primary Mentor: Ana Claudia Harten

Kelly McHugh, Northwestern University
Primary Mentor: Megan Roberts

Carolyn Michener, Boston University
Primary Mentor: Cara Stepp

Erin Nelson, Washington University School of Medicine
Primary Mentor: William Clark

Marisa Policicchio, Miami University
Primary Mentor: Susan Baker Brehm

Stacey Sangtian, University of South Carolina
Primary Mentor: Roozbeh Behroozmand

Tara Sheridan, CUNY Queens College
Primary Mentor: Sima Gerber

Jeanna Stiadle, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Primary Mentor: Susan Thibeault

Alexander Swiderski, Portland State University
Primary Mentor: Gerasimos Fergadiotis

Elizabeth Torres, University of New Mexico
Primary Mentor: Rick Arenas

Previous Recipients


Marren Brooks, University of South Carolina
Lindsay Cardinali, CUNY Queens College
Brittany Krekeler, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Mardee Kohlmann, Eastern Michigan University
Megan McDonald, University of Cincinnati
Amanda Musso, Louisiana State University, Health Sciences Center
Kara Oksanen, Miami University
Kelly Ann Pena, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Alexandra Perrault, University of Cincinnati
Lei Su, Northwestern University
Emily Thompson, University of Connecticut


Kenia De Los Santos, Iona College
Michelle Erskine, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Laura Friedman, University of Maryland, College Park
Diondra Maestas, University of New Mexico
Cornetta Mosley, University of Washington
Callie Muri, University of Texas, Dallas
Jillian Nyswonger, East Carolina University
Jamie Ragsdale, University of New Mexico
Kristin VanWyngaarden, University of Nebraska, Omaha
Caitlin Ryan, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Erin Archibald, Northeastern University
Susan Baughman, University of Maryland–College Park
Devon Brunson, University of Maryland
Caitlin Cummings, The Ohio State University
Kevin Cunningham, University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill
Maria Josefina Fernandez, George Washington University
Carrie Anderson Kenny, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Tristan Mahr, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Megan McKenna, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
Jessie Shives Patterson, University of Nebraska–Lincoln


Shrutee Bhatt, Louisiana State University
Felicidad Garcia, Teachers College–Columbia University
Christopher Garron, University of Massachusetts–Amherst
Jennifer Lee, Texas State University
Ryan Millager, Vanderbilt University
Sarah Panjwani, University of Texas–Austin
Chelsea Pettibone, Northeastern University
Stefanie Rutledge, Indiana University
Joseph Smith, University of South Alabama
Joanne White, Vanderbilt University


Christopher Bolinger, Texas Tech University
Melissa Boone, Marquette University
Stephanie Davidson, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Lauren Eisenband, Vanderbilt University
Tamika LeRay, Emerson College
Andre Lindsey, University of Texas–Austin
Jaime Moore, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Stacey Rimikis, Queens College–CUNY
Ryan Sovinski, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Christine Williams, Vanderbilt University
Ashley Woodall, University of Texas–Austin
Samantha Zickefoose, University of Nebraska–Lincoln


Katherine Alexander, Northeastern University
Gina Capri, University of Oregon
Page Carriveau, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Julia Csillag, Teacher's College, Columbia University
Kathleen Dougherty, Northeastern University
Jessica Eickhoff, University of Washington
Allison Gish, Louisiana State University
Nicola Jones, University of South Florida
Tiffany Jones, Florida State University
Amanda Schramski, Eastern Michigan University


Kyle Wilson, Syracuse University
Catherine McNab, Northeastern University
Katherine Michael Belardi, Duquesne University
Sara Robinson, University of Northern Colorado
Kaylah Lynn Lalonde, Louisiana State University
Johanna M. Hassink, Purdue University
Anna Lineback, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Doris Marie Leeper, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Allison Schaser, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Meghan E. Matthews, University of Wisconsin–Madison


Pamela Campellone, Northeastern University
Lauren Candia, University of Texas at Dallas
Julie Carey, University of Arizona
Beth Friedman, Pennsylvania State University
Theresa Herbert, University of South Florida
Amanda Hettenhausen, Saint Louis University
Mara Kapsner, University of Washington
Kelley Kendrick, Vanderbilt University
Kelly Morgan, University of Washington
Melissa Randazzo, Teacher's College, Columbia University
Heather Steffy, Eastern Michigan University
Krystal Werfel, Vanderbilt University


Aaron Johnson, Rush University
Andrea Boh, University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire
Cory Portnuff, University of Colorado at Boulder
Carolyn Potts, Eastern Michigan University
Anna Clark, University of Colorado at Boulder
Heather Frost, Case Western Reserve University
Christina Kuo, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Nicole Beck, Hofstra University
Meredith Oakey, Vanderbilt University


Alyson Abel, Vanderbilt University
Meghan Burchfield, University of Tennessee
Meghan Darling, Purdue University
Teresa Domrzalski, California State University–Sacramento
Theresa Gugger, University of Buffalo
Susan Hickey, University of South Alabama
Corinne Juhasz, University of Connecticut
Tricia Kostner, Rush University
Angelique Lapeyre, Loyola College in Maryland
Sarah Sheridan, New York University
Jenna Silver, University of Florida
Anne Stilwell, University of Oregon
Caroline Streppa, Univeristy of Virginia


Rick Arenas, University of Iowa
Karen Marie Barako, Vanderbilt University
David Bradley Davis, Louisiana State University Health Science Center
Jill Kalat Dolata, University of Texas at Austin
Monique Fees, University of Kansas
Renee Fisher, Hofstra University
Darlene Foster, University of Maryland–College Park
Daniel E. Hack, Ohio State University
Laura Hardy, University of Washington
Suzie Catherine Ip, Pace University–Sara Lawrence College
Erin Jenison, Purdue University
Jennifer Maybee, University of Colorado at Boulder
Erline Vieira Nakano, University of South Florida
Heather Marie Short, Northern Illinois University
Anna K. Thurmes, University of Minnesota
Rebecca Joy Traen, Rush University
Julie Martinez Verhoff, University of Texas at Dallas

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