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2013 Student Research Travel Award (SRTA) Awardees

ASHA offers a Student Research Travel Award (SRTA) for the annual ASHA Convention in order to highlight the research activities of "budding" scientists and encourage careers in science and research. Travel awards of $500 each are available for undergraduate, master's, AuD, and PhD students (at the time of submission) who are first authors on a paper of any of the following session types: (a) technical, (b) poster, (c) one-hour seminar or instructional course, (d) two-hour seminar or instructional course, or (e) short course. View previous awardees.


Name Affiliation Topic Area
Chelsea Adams Western Washington University The Effectiveness of Using Service Learning in Early Developmental Screening
Grace Baillie James Madison University Neural Plasticity in Singers
Elizabeth Biersgreen University of Texas–Dallas Callier Center for Communication Disorders Parent-Reported Intelligibility Ratings & Speech Delay at Ages 3, 4, & 6 Years
Christina Bronson-Lowe University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign Chaos, Complexity, & Variability in Force Production & Aging: Science for Clinicians
Chelsea Carr College of Saint Rose Integrating Counseling Techniques in Neurogenic Group Therapy
Marie-Eve Caty Western University How to "Learn on the Job?": Insight Into Reflective Practices in Speech-Language Pathology
Geoffrey Coalson University of Texas–Austin Syllabification in Adults Who Stutter: Analysis of Stress & Syllable Boundary
Kristen Cortese Rush University Frequency Pattern Training & Speech Perception
Deirdre Courtney Towson University Effects of Test Environment on Behavioral Auditory Processing Test Scores
Kathryn Crowe Charles Sturt University Language Choice for Children With Hearing Loss: Influences on Caregiver Decision-Making
Maria Daou University of Montreal Memory & Graphic Symbol Utterance Production & Interpretation in Children With Typical Development
Amanda Domer University of South Florida Aspirated Thickened Water Results in Quantitative Lung Injury in a Lagomorph Model
Mianisha Finney Ohio University The Role of Working Memory Storage & Attention Focus-Switching in Children's Complex Sentence Comprehension
Anna Fitzhugh University of Texas–Dallas Improving Developmental EEG With Eye-Tracking
Kristin Kemos University of Massachusetts–Amherst Telepractice Training: A Foundational & Technical Skill Set Training Series
Marika King University of New Mexico Using Dynamic Assessment to Assess Syntax With 5-Year-Olds Using an AAC iPad App
Yu-An Stephanie Lien Boston University Comparison of Relative Fundamental Frequency Estimates Using Neck Skin Vibration & Acoustics
Jean Musick East Tennessee State University Faculty Attitudes & Perceptions Toward Interprofessional Education
Ji Sook Park Pennsylvania State University Processing Speed Measures as a Potential Diagnostic Marker for Children With SLI
Taeok Park Ohio University Laryngeal Closure During Swallowing: Bilateral vs. Unilateral Stroke
Lauren Peterson University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill Parent Report in Identifying Autism in Infants
Phillip Sechtem Wichita State University The Impact of Communication Partner Variables on Supported Conversation in Aphasia
Karyn Storey Utah State University Accuracy of Automated Hearing Assessment in the Presence of Background Noise
Maxine Van Doren Boston University Using Segmental & Whole-Word Phonological Analyses in Preschool-Age Speech Assessment: EBP Case Study
Meghan White Purdue University Effects of EMST on Dysprosody in Individuals With Parkinson's Disease
Kathryn Wiseman University of Texas–Dallas Multifactorial Approach to Early Vocabulary Acquisition in Young Children With Cochlear Implants

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