Advancing Academic-Research Careers (AARC) Award Recipients

ASHA is pleased to announce this year's AARC Award recipients. AARC supports the Association's Strategic Objective to Increase Research Commitment. This $5,000 award is given to new faculty in higher education to support their academic and research endeavors in the field of communication sciences and disorders (CSD). The AARC has been awarded since 2004.

2016 Recipients

Mona Botezatu, University of Missouri
Teaching Mentor: Judith Goodman, University of Missouri
Research Mentors: Swathi Kiran, Boston University and Judith Kroll, University of California–Riverside

Shari DeVeney, University of Nebraska–Omaha
Teaching Mentor: Lisa Kelly-Vance, University of Nebraska–Omaha
Research Mentors: Carol Stoel-Gammon, University of Washington, Anastasia Kyvelidou, University of Nebraska–Omaha, and Tiffany Hogan, MGH Institute of Health Professions

Emily Diehm, University of Toledo
Teaching Mentor: Joan Kaderavek, University of Toledo
Research Mentors: Julie Wolter, University of Montana and Ann Tyler, Western Michigan University

Stacy Harnish, Ohio State University
Teaching Mentor: Eric Healty, Ohio State University
Research Mentor: Christopher Bartlett, Ohio State University

Kimberly Meigh, West Virginia University
Teaching Mentor: Denny Ruscello, West Virginia University
Research Mentor: Yana Yunosova, University of Toronto

Jennifer Mozeiko, University of Connecticut
Teaching Mentor: Sharon Antonucci, Worcester State University
Research Mentors: Swathi Kiran, Boston University and Jacquie Kurland, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Kimberly Murza, University of Northern Colorado
Teaching Mentor: Julie Hanks, University of Northern Colorado
Research Mentors: Elysia Clemens, University of Northern Colorado, Nancy Matchett, University of Northern Colorado, and Debbie Hans-Vaughn, University of Central Florida

Scheer-Cohen, California State University-San Marcos
Teaching Mentor: Susan Grogran-Johnson, Kent State University
Research Mentor: Edwin Maas, Temple University

Aaron Shield, Miami University
Teaching Mentor: Peter Jamieson, Miami University
Research Mentor: Karen Emmorey, San Diego State University

Kimberly Smith, University of South Alabama
Teaching Mentor: Julie Estis, University of South Alabama
Research Mentor: Daniel Fogerty, University of South Carolina

Lauren Swineford, Washington State University
Teaching Mentor: Ella Inglebret, Washington State University
Research Mentor: Cristan Farmer, National Institutes of Health

Recent Recipients


Francoise Brosseau-Lapre, Purdue University
Jenya Iuzzini-Seigel, Marquette University
Louise Keegan, Appalachian State University
Mili Kuruvilla-Dugdale, University of Missouri–Columbia
Erin Lundblom, University of Pittsburgh
Rhiannon Luyster, Emerson College
Hua Ou, Illinois State University
Amy Rose, Western Carolina University
Chaleece Sandberg, Pennsylvania State University
Emily Zimmerman, Northeastern University


Danielle Brimo,Texas Christian University
Maria Dietrich, University of Missouri
Kelly Farquharson, Emerson College
Lizbeth Finestack, University of Minnesota
Jiyeon Lee, Purdue University
Sonja Molfenter, New York University

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