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SIG Volunteer Leadership Handbook

Required Activities of a SIG

The SIGs represent unique, though related and interrelated, topics and interest areas within and across the discipline of communication sciences and disorders. Similarly, SIG affiliates have different, but related, interests and needs. As a result, common programmatic requirements have been identified to ensure that the level and quality of offerings are comparable across the program.

The minima is the most conservative expectation for what each SIG will produce; the maxima represents the point beyond which resources for SIG activities cannot be operationalized without renegotiation. The SIG Coordinating Committee (CC) is responsible for ensuring the SIG operates within these guidelines.

Publication of CE-Bearing Perspectives

Minimum = Publish one issue per year;

Maximum = Publish four issues per year. Maintain current production schedule of between one and four issues per year and 26 pages per issue. Publication is limited to four 22,000-word issues per year; SIGs wishing to expand their publication (up to the maximum of four issues per year) will need to plan and revise their editorial calendar at least one and one-half years in advance to ensure adequate resources are available.

See Perspectives.

Electronic Communication

Minimum = Through the Association, offer the opportunity for affiliates to participate in a group-only e-mail list and/or other private online community capabilities. The SIG Coordinating Committee should disseminate relevant SIG information through these media and other media, as appropriate, in accordance with standard operating procedures. (SIG-only e-mail blasts shall be conducted in accordance with ASHA policies and procedures.)

Maximum = Sponsor one ASHA Web Chat (non-CE-bearing) per year; additional opportunities may be available, depending on ASHA priorities in terms of topics proposed (i.e., anticipated attendance, determination of member interest, and need for information) and availability of Web staff to moderate said events.

See Electronic Communications.

Provide Additional CE-Bearing Activities

Minimum = Submit a Short Course for the annual ASHA Convention and one additional invited seminar (note that there will be no revenue sharing).

Maximum = The above plus submit a proposal to the Scientific Publication and Education Board (SPEB) for any additional activities (e.g., development of a webinar, PreConvention Workshop, conference), subject to approval and depending on SPEB and BOD priorities and personnel availability.

See Convention.

Maintain a SIG Coordinating Committee (CC)

Minimum = Maintain a four-member SIG CC, including a Coordinator and an Associate Coordinator. Three members are elected, and one is appointed (i.e., content editor). At the end of the 2nd year of the current Coordinator's term of office, in order to ensure continuity in leadership, the SIG CC would identify from among its eligible members a Coordinator-Elect to succeed the current Coordinator.

Maximum = May have a CC comprising five members: four elected and one appointed (e.g., the Editor).

See Coordinating Committees.

Coordinating Committee Meetings

Minimum = Hold one face-to-face meeting at the National Office or other real-time interactive meeting per year to facilitate collaboration with appropriate ASHA boards and staff. Face-to-face meetings require a 2-day agenda, and a staff person (i.e., ex officio) must be in attendance. Meetings (e.g., conference call, Web-based) should be scheduled considering the SIG CCs and staff in order to accomplish the work of the SIG. (Per Association policy, expenses associated with meetings held in conjunction with ASHA's annual Convention are the responsibility of the individual affiliate.)

Maximum = Finance any additional meetings planned; the expense must be included in the budget and approved by the BOD.

See Committee Meetings.

Maintain Standing Subcommittees

Minimum = Maintain (a) Editorial Board (reviews Perspectives content) and (b) Continuing Education (identifies and develops Perspectives content and other CE activities as appropriate).

Maximum = Add subcommittees or ad hoc committees per approval of the BOD as per standard operating procedure; each must have an ex officio.

See SIG Subcommittees.

Affiliates Meeting

Minimum = Hold one annual affiliates meeting at the ASHA Convention or other conference where it is likely that many affiliates will be in attendance; if scheduled outside the ASHA Convention, the ex officio or other National Office staff member must be in attendance per Association operating procedures. A Web-based affiliates meeting can be scheduled if Association support and infrastructure are available (i.e., capacity, format, technology may vary).

Maximum = Hold additional meetings only with approval from the monitoring vice presidents, appropriate chief staff officers, chief executive officer (CEO), and vice president for Finance if funding is unnecessary. If additional funding is necessary, approval from the BOD is required.

See Affiliates meetings.


Each SIG is responsible for submitting an updated budget each spring that reflects revenues and expenses related to the SIG's planned and approved activities.

See Budgets.

SIG Work Plan

Each SIG is responsible for developing a work plan that complements the Association's strategic plan. They work in collaboration with other boards and staff, as appropriate, to ensure the group and the Association are working in synchrony. Annual reports must include updates of progress toward activities enumerated in the work plan.

See SIG-Specific Work Plans.

Alignment With the ASHA Strategic Plan

Each SIG is responsible for identifying issues to be considered by the Association in its Strategic Plan. Once the Association determines its activities, the SIGs are responsible for those activities as specified in the Association's Strategic Plan.

See SIG Work and ASHA Strategic Planning.

Annual Report of SIG Activities

The SIG Coordinator, in consultation with the Coordinating Committee (CC), must submit a complete report of SIG activities by December 31 to the CC's ex officio.

See Annual Report.

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