American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

SIG Volunteer Leadership Handbook


Each year, the SIG Director will work with the SIG Coordinator and ex officio to determine a budget that reflects activities planned for the following year. These activities must fall within the minima and maxima criteria for SIGs and/or are official activities that support the ASHA Strategic Plan. The Association will provide each SIG with operating funds needed to conduct its approved activities.

Proposed SIG budgets should include the following categories:

  • face-to-face meeting (or other real-time meeting)
  • Perspectives publications
  • conference calls (for the Coordinating Committee and subcommittees)
  • communications (mailings, promotions, etc.)
  • Convention sessions
    • $2,000 to cover both Short Course and invited session stipends to presenters (only non-ASHA members are eligible to receive a stipend)
    • up to four Convention registration waivers for Short Course and other invited session speakers (ASHA members are only eligible to receive a complimentary Convention registration; they may not be reimbursed for travel or personal expenses incurred for meetings held in connection with the annual Convention).
  • nominations and elections
  • special requests including $1,500 that can be used for giveaways, ASHA store gift certificates, registrations for ASHA-sponsored events, etc. These funds cannot be used for contributions to the ASHFoundation or other organizations or for travel to ASHA-sponsored events. Because the Association makes an annual contribution to the ASHFoundation, the SIGs will no longer make individual contributions. Should financial circumstances allow and there is a need to provide additional funding as it relates to the SIG program or an individual SIG, a request can be made to the BOD for its consideration.

Like other committees and boards, the SIGs do not carry over net assets.


No grants can be given by the SIGs unless approved via standard operating procedures.

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