American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

SIG Volunteer Leadership Handbook

Adding, Revising, and Dissolving a SIG

Forming a New SIG

A new special interest group may be formed with the submission of a formal proposal to the Board of Special Interest Group Coordinators (BSIGC). The proposal must include a cover letter explaining the need/rationale for the new SIG, a petition signed by no fewer than 150 members of the Association, a plan for meeting the minimum criteria for operating and maintaining a SIG, and a description of those individuals available to fulfill the leadership requirements of a SIG. The BSIGC reviews the proposal and makes its recommendation to the ASHA Board of Directors.

More information on the requirements and review process.

Revising a SIG/Merging SIGs

Current SIGs can be revised or merged based on response to the submission of a formal proposal to the BSIGC. The proposal must include a cover letter, petition, plan for meeting minima criteria, and a description of the leadership pool as set forth under Forming a New SIG. In addition, the proposal must be approved by a majority of that SIG's responding affiliates or, for a merger, the majority of the responding affiliates of all SIGs concerned.

A SIG may merge with another SIG, if it can be demonstrated that affiliates' needs and interests can properly be met through such a merger.

The review process, including timelines, is the same as that prescribed for creating a new SIG. However, once a modification is initiated, it must be ready for submission to the BSIGC and the BOD within 1 calendar year.

More information about the submission process.

Dissolving a SIG

SIGs that are not meeting requirements for SIG status are automatically put on probation and must demonstrate compliance within 1 calendar year. Failure to address deficiencies within a year following notice shall result in dissolution of the SIG.

The process of dissolving a SIG begins with the submission of a proposal-specifically including a resolution reflecting the recommendation to dissolve—by the BOD, BSIGC, or a majority of the SIG's affiliates. The review process, including timelines, is the same as that prescribed for creating a new SIG.

A SIG can exercise its right for reconsideration and appeal the decision of the BOD to dissolve the SIG. If a SIG chooses to pursue the appeal, it must provide—within 30 days of notification—written documentation to justify why dissolution should be rescinded.

More information, including dissolution criteria.

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