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Perspectives FAQs for SIG Affiliates

Reading Perspectives

Taking Perspectives Exams

How do I read Perspectives articles?

  1. From the ASHA homepage, select Publications in the top navigation bar. Select Special Interest Group Perspectives.
  2. From here, there are links to the publication schedule. Select the SIG of your choice. This will take you to the Perspectives homepage.
  3. To view Perspectives content, make sure you are logged into your ASHA account.
  4. Alternatively, you can access Perspectives through ASHAWire.

Or, simply select the link from your alert e-mail (see below).

You can view individual articles in HTML or as PDFs. View the entire issue as a PDF by selecting Issue PDF on the table of contents page.

After Purchasing an Exam:

  1. Visit the ASHA Learning Center. Log in using your ASHA name and password.
  2. Select Your Courses in the top navigation bar. Choose the activity and select Launch.
  3. On the left-hand side, select the Articles link.

Can I receive an e-mail when a new issue is published?

Yes! You can do this from any page of ASHAWire once you are logged in.

  • From the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner that lists your name, choose "My Alerts."
  • Select "Add/Edit Publication Alerts" and select the Perspectives and other ASHA publications you would like alerts for.

By the way, you don't have to be an affiliate of a SIG to receive eTOCs! Anyone can receive these notifications.

Can I read Perspectives articles published by other SIGs?

If you're an affiliate of any SIG, you can read new and archived articles published by all 18 SIGs.

Can I save Perspectives articles to my computer?

Yes! First, view the article or issue as a PDF:

  • From the Table of Contents, select Issue PDF
  • While taking an exam: Launch the exam from the ASHA Learning Center homepage. Then select the Articles link on the left-hand side.

Then save it as you would any other PDF.

Saving articles to your computer lets you read them on your own without logging in. Remember to keep the PDFs for your personal use only.

Can I print Perspectives articles?

We recommend first viewing the Issue PDF of an article or issue. From here, you can print it as you would any file. Remember to keep the printed articles for your personal use only.

How do I preview and print the CE self-study exam questions?

On the Perspectives page:

Preview CE self-study exam questions from the Table of Contents page of any issue:

  1. The CE questions will be labeled with the SIG number, volume, issue number, and the number of available CEUs.
  2. Select PDF on the right-hand side of the link
  3. From here, you can save and print the PDF as you would any file.

After purchasing an exam:

  1. Visit the ASHA Learning Center. Log in using your ASHA name and password.
  2. Select Your Courses in the top navigation bar. Choose the activity and select Launch.
  3. On the left-hand side, select Questions for Review link. From here, you can save and print the questions as you would any other PDF.

How do I purchase and take the Perspectives CE exam?

  1. Go to the ASHA Online Store and select Special Interest Group in the top navigation bar.
  2. Select the SIG category.
  3. Choose the appropriate issue(s) of Perspectives, and purchase the exam. You'll receive an e-mail confirmation with a link to the ASHA Learning Center, where the exams are hosted.
  4. Sign in using your ASHA login and password. Select Launch under the exam title to begin.

Need more guidance on how to complete your exam? Check out our tutorials on how to navigate the ASHA Learning Center!

First, visit the ASHA Learning Center and sign in using your ASHA login information. Select Your Learning Center at the top. There you'll see links to tutorials, including Overview, Taking a Course, Taking a Test, Accessing a Certificate, and Leading a Group.

How much do Perspectives exams cost?

If you're an affiliate of the SIG, an exam costs $5, no matter the amount of CEUs offered.

If you are not an affiliate of that SIG, the pricing of an exam will be based on the number of CEUs offered. When you view the list of exams for a particular SIG, you will see non-SIG affiliate prices for ASHA members and nonmembers.

How do I find the number of CEUs a self-study is worth?

The number of CEUs you may earn by successfully completing a self-study exam for Perspectives is displayed in a number of places:

  • Table of contents.
  • ASHA Online Store: Visit the Special Interest Group page at the ASHA Online Store. You can do this by selecting the Earn CEUs Now link from an issue's Table of Contents page or from the ASHA Online Store's home page. When you select a SIG, you will see the list of available exams, which includes the description, price, and number of CEUs for each.
  • ASHA Learning Center homepage: Log into Your Learning Center and select Your Courses. Hover your mouse cursor over an exam's title and you'll see a short description of the activity, as well as its credit information.
  • Within an exam: Select Instructions and scroll to the bottom of the first page. Under Important Information, you'll see the number of CEUs offered for that exam.

When taking an exam, can I save my progress and complete it later?

This happens automatically! The system keeps track of exactly where you are in the test and all of the answers you have selected, so you can exit an exam and resume it from the same spot that you last left it.

How long is a Perspectives exam available?

An exam is available 3 years from when the articles were accepted for publication by the SIG.

When you select an individual exam in the ASHA Online Store, you'll see the dates of availability listed at the bottom of the description. When an exam expires, it is removed from the ASHA Online Store.

Once you launch an exam, you'll see the program's end date when you select the Instructions link, at the bottom of the first page.

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