About Special Interest Group 2, Neurophysiology and Neurogenic Speech and Language Disorders


To facilitate the highest level of professional practice provided to individuals with neurogenic communication disorders.


To be the voice within ASHA that will promote, interpret, and disseminate information that is relevant to neurogenic communication disorders and to serve as a conduit for the exchange of information and ideas among SIG affiliates.

Specifically, SIG 2 aims to:

  • provide clinicians and researchers with resources and education related to neurogenic communication disorders,
  • promote excellence in evidence-based clinical practice for individuals with neurogenic communication disorders and their families, and
  • assist with the development and dissemination of basic and applied research in neurogenic communication disorders.

Affiliate Benefits and SIG Programs

Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups

Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups is the SIG's online publication. SIG 2's continuously-built issue contributes 4 self-study CE activities a year.

Online Chats

SIGs sponsor live online chats. These events feature topic experts who answer questions from the audience. All ASHA and NSSLHA members may attend. Live online chats are not eligible for CEUs. Archived chats can be accessed online.

Continuing Education

  • SIG 2 sponsors a Short Course and a seminar at the annual ASHA Convention. SIG 2 affiliates are eligible for a 50 percent discount on these programs.
  • Perspectives contains continuing education articles. Readers may earn ASHA continuing education units by completing self-study questions related to those articles. SIG affiliates may complete the self-study for a $5 processing fee.
  • Short Course: SIG affiliates are eligible for a 50% discount on select Short Courses at the ASHA Convention.


SIG 2 has an online community where affiliates can discuss topics related to neurophysiology and neurogenic speech and language disorders. Become part of a professional community dedicated to serving individuals with neurogenic communication disorders.

  • Join your colleagues and help improve clinical service delivery
  • Increase awareness and availability of evidence-based practice guidelines in neurogenic communication disorders
  • Advocate for the profession and individuals with neurogenic communication disorders
  • Increase awareness of the issues that affect service delivery to those with neurogenic communication disorders
  • Increase integration of best practices within the constraints of the clinical employment environment

SIG 2 also holds an annual affiliate meeting at the ASHA Convention.

Representation Within ASHA

  • The SIG 2 Coordinator represents the Neurogenics Special Interest Group within the ASHA Board of Special Interest Group Coordinators.
  • The Coordinating Committee responds to ASHA requests for input regarding policy, guidelines, committees, and other issues.
  • Affiliates have the opportunity to provide input to the SIG leadership and ASHA.

Committee Activities

  • Advocacy Committee: Addressing issues to assist affiliates as they advocate for their patients, themselves, and the profession.
  • Research Committee: Working to promote leadership in clinical research by (a) recruiting, developing, and mentoring young researchers and (b) fostering treatment research.
  • Education and Mentoring Committee: Fostering professional development in both clinical and research areas.
  • Clinical Issues Committee: Working to disseminate information to affiliates to help them improve the quality of patient care they provide.

The potential of ASHA's Special Interest Group 2 is limited only by the imaginations of those who choose to join. We hope you will find this SIG suited to your needs and interests.

Coordinating Committee Members

2015–2017 Coordinator: Sarah Wallace, Duquesne University
2015–2017 Perspectives Editor: Angela H. Ciccia, Case Western University
2014–2016 Professional Development Manager: Erin Mattingly, Dynamics Research Corporation
2016–2018 Member-At-Large: Margaret L. Blake, University of Houston
2016–2018 Member-At-Large: Heather M. Clark, Mayo Clinic
2015–2017 Member-At-Large: James G. Schumacher, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System
Ex Officio: Monica Sampson, Associate Director, Health Care Services in Speech-Language Pathology, ASHA

Additional SIG Volunteers

Continuing Education (CE) Content Manager: Jean M. Nisenboum, Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center/CASE

Editorial Review Committee

Angela H. Ciccia, Editor
Shannon Cook Mauszycki
Michael de Riesthal
Catherine T. Eaton
Tepanta Fossett
Margaret L. Greenwald
Gina G. Griffiths
Amanda Potter Hereford
Kimberly C. McCullough
Peter A. Meulenbroek
Jamila M. Minga
Michele Page Sinotte
Carmen Russell
James G. Schumacher
Monica Sampson, Ex Officio
Erin Mattingly, PDM
Jean M Nisenboum, CE Content Manager

Professional Development Committee

Erin Mattingly, Professional Development Manager
Jean M Nisenboum, CE Content Manager
Ellen G Bernstein-Ellis
Karen Prescott Copeland
Anita S Halper
Jessica R Hooke
Susan T Jackson
Connie K Keintz
Kristina Ann Kelley
Karen A McLaughlin
Bryan M Ness
Deborah A Presutti-Petrone
Rebecca Ingram Rowe
Sarah C Stranberg
Cheryl M Stromberg
Megan A Weathers
Brenda M Wilson
Angela H Ciccia, Editor
Monica Sampson, Ex Officio 

Staff Liaison for Communications

Victoria Davis, Production Editor, ASHA

Board Liaisons

Robert C. Fifer, Vice President for Audiology Practice
Sandra Laing Gillam, Vice President for Speech-Language Pathology Practice

ASHA Corporate Partners