American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

2008 Lessons for Success

Lessons for Success is a grant writing "boot camp" that provides invaluable advice and mentoring from senior faculty with strong histories of research funding.




Suzanne Adolf University of Kansas
Brittan Barker Louisiana State University
Margaret Lehman Blake University of Houston
Kristi Buckley University of Texas at Dallas
Lauren Calandruccio Northwestern University
Jeffry Coady Boston University
Lisa Davidson Washington University School of Medicine
Gayle DeDe University of Arizona
Meredith Estep University of Kansas
Melinda Freyaldenhoven Louisiana Tech University
Seunghee Ha University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Michael G. Heinz Purdue University
Rachael Frush Holt Indiana University
Jill R. Hoover University of Kansas
Ianessa A. Humbert John Hopkins University
Eric Hunter National Center for Voice and Speech/Denver
Center for the Performing Arts
Katherine A. Hutcheson University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Tiffany A. Johnson University of Kansas
Margarita Kaushanskaya University of Wisconsin at Madison
Youngsun Kim Ohio University
Ying-Yee Kong Northeastern University
Jacquie Kurland University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Lori J. Leibold University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Torrey Loucks University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
Mandy Maguire University of Texas at Dallas
Nidhi Mahendra California State University at East Bay
Anita S. McGinty University of Virginia
Amanda J. Owen University of Iowa
Jonathan Preston Syracuse University
Elizabeth Michelle Roos University of Wisconsin at Madison
Jayanthi Sasisekaran University of Minnesota
JoAnn Silkes University of Washington
Elizabeth Spencer Vanderbilt University





Lisa Bedore University of Texas at Austin
Courtney T. Byrd University of Texas at Austin
Mark Chertoff University of Kansas Medical Center
Edward G. Conture Vanderbilt University
Julius Fridriksson University of South Carolina
Lisa Goffman Purdue University
Joyce L. Harris University of Texas at Austin
Elena Plante University of Arizona
C. Melanie Schuele Vanderbilt University
Pamela Souza University of Washington
Linda Thibodeau University of Texas at Dallas
Julie A. Washington University of Wisconsin at Madison
Terry L. Wiley Arizona State University


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