American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

ASHA's 2011 Clinical Practice Research Institute

The purpose of the Institute is to accelerate the generation of research to support evidence-based practice in Communication Sciences and Disorders.


Name Affiliation

 Suzanne Adlof 

 University of Pittsburgh

 Sophie Ambrose 

 Boys Town National Research Hospital 

 Megan Dunn Davison 

 University of New Mexico 

 John Heilmann 

 University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

 LaVae Hoffman 

 University of Virginia

 Tara McAllister 

 Montclair State University

 Melda Kunduk 

 Louisiana State University 

 Monika Pawlowska 

 University of North Dakota

 Douglas Petersen 

 University of Wyoming 

 Soren Lowell

 Syracuse University 

 Anu Subramanian 

 Purdue University 

 Andrea Warner-Czyz

 University of Texas at Dallas 



Name Affiliation

 Jessica Barlow 

 Indiana University 

 Steve Camarata

 Vanderbilt University

 Laurie Eisenberg 

 House Ear Institute 

 Susan Ellis-Weismer 

 University of Wisconsin–Madison

 Judy Gierut 

 Indiana University 

 Howard Goldstein 

 The Ohio State University 

 Jana Iverson 

 University of Pittsburgh 

 Laura Justice 

 The Ohio State University 

 Melanie Schuele 

 Vanderbilt University 

 Jeanne Wilcox 

 Arizona State University 


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