ASHA's Research Mentoring (ARM) Network: Clinical Practice Research Institute

PurposeARM Network

Clinical Practice Research Institute (CPRI) provides funds to support the planning and preparation of a U.S. federal research grant proposal that focuses on clinical practice research in communication sciences and disorders (CSD). Clinical practice research specifically addresses issues concerned with methods and approaches used in service delivery and their outcomes and is distinct from research aimed primarily at understanding the mechanisms underlying normal processing or disorders. More specifically, clinical practice research includes areas such as epidemiology, prevention, assessment, diagnosis, intervention, outcomes measurement, knowledge translation, and implementation science.

CPRI welcomes researchers new to these areas of focus, as well as experienced researchers ready to scale-up their clinical investigations. Funds support grant planning and preparation with collaborators or consultants. The goal of participation in CPRI is to complete a U.S. federal research grant proposal within 12 months of participation.

The purpose of CPRI is to accelerate the generation of research to support evidence-based practice in CSD. The discipline has a critical need for an expanded and strengthened evidence base to inform federal and state regulatory policies and administrative decisions about funding services for those with communication disorders, and to advance clinical practice.

Eligibility Requirements

  • research doctoral degree (PhD);
  • applied for federal research funding (e.g., a research grant such as an R03 or R01, fellowship, or career-development award), not including loan repayment awards, scholarships, personnel preparation grant, or small business innovation research grants (e.g., SBIR);
  • research focus on a topic relevant to epidemiology, prevention, assessment, diagnosis, intervention, outcomes measurement, knowledge translation, and/or implementation science, through single-subject experimental designs as well as large clinical trials;
  • eligible to apply for research funds from a U.S. federal agency.

Researchers who have not yet applied for federal research funding might be eligible for ASHA's Pathways or Lessons for Success programs.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply either individually or as a team.

  • Each individual participant will work with ASHA staff to identify one or more consultants who can provide subject matter knowledge as well as feedback on grantsmanship.
  • Participants who have identified one or more specific collaborators apply as a team and will work together to plan and prepare a grant proposal.

The application period opens in September and closes in January. Applicants must complete an online application form, upload several PDF documents, and submit the entire package by the established deadline. See the application instructions for complete details.

If you have any questions, please contact ASHA's Academic Affairs and Research Education unit at [email protected].

Past Participants

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