Communication Services and Supports for Individuals With Severe Disabilities: FAQs

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These frequently asked questions (FAQs) are for consumers and professionals. The FAQs have information about communication services and supports for individuals with severe disabilities related to communication development, funding for service delivery, eligibility policies, AAC, IDEA services, interdisciplinary teams, literacy, and specific disabilities and approaches.

Follow links below to browse either the general category or specific questions and responses, which include a brief answer to the question, more detailed information for those wanting a more in depth response, references, and additional resources.

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Communication Development and Concerns

Funding for Service Delivery

Appropriate Communication Services: General 'Eligibility' Policies

Basic Information About Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Communication Services in IDEA (Special Education)

Interdisciplinary Teams

Reading, Writing, and Literacy for Children and Adults With Severe Disabilties

Specific Disabilities and Approaches

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