American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Collecting NOMS Data for Health Care

Clinicians participating in NOMS will be asked to collect data when speech and language services are initiated, and again when they are discontinued, for all patients being treated for a minimum of two sessions. All data will be submitted via our secured online data collection and reporting tool.

NOMS data collection is quick, easy, and involves the reporting of information already included in the client's record. This includes information on:

  • Demographics
  • Diagnosis
  • Functional communication abilities using the Functional Communication Measures (FCMs), a seven-point rating scale developed by ASHA
  • Treatment setting
  • Service delivery model(s)
  • Amount, frequency, and intensity of services
  • Discharge disposition

Clinicians will not be asked to administer any specific formal assessments or withhold treatment in any way. NOMS should be considered a supplement to, and not a replacement for, standardized testing. Although formal assessment measures can provide information on improvement of specific skill areas, they do not always reflect how that skill improvement translates into improved performance in work, school, social interactions, or other functional day-to-day activities.

What Can NOMS Participants Expect from ASHA?

As a benefit of participating in NOMS, you will have access to standard data reports through our online database. These reports will profile your patients in areas such as functional outcome levels, amount of treatment time, funding, length of stay and service delivery models, and will include national data for benchmarking purposes. In addition, facilities that are a part of a larger healthcare system may join forces for system-wide participation in NOMS and receive system data along with the national data.

Once registered, your facility will receive access to the necessary training materials to become proficient NOMS users, as well as access to the online web application to initiate data collection.

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