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EBP Compendium: Summary of Systematic Review

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
Differences in the Nonword Repetition Performance of Children with and without Specific Language Impairment: A Meta-Analysis

Graf Estes, K., Evans, J. L., et al. (2007).
Journal of Speech, Language & Hearing Research, 50(1), 177-195.

Indicators of Review Quality:

The review addresses a clearly focused question Yes
Criteria for inclusion of studies are provided Yes
Search strategy is described in sufficient detail for replication No
Included studies are assessed for study quality No
Quality assessments are reproducible N/A

Description: This is a meta-analysis of studies investigating the nonword repetition performance in children with specific language impairment (SLI).

Question(s) Addressed:

  1. "Are all versions of the nonword repetition task interchangeable?" (p. 179).
  2. “Are there age differences in the magnitude of the nonword repetition deficit in children with specific language impairment (SLI)?” (p. 179).
  3. “Are there circumstances under which the nonword repetition skills of children with SLI are comparable to those of children with normal language?” (p. 179).

Population: Children with SLI (age not specified)

Intervention/Assessment: Nonword repetition

Number of Studies Included: 23

Years Included: Not stated



"This meta-analysis demonstrates that characteristics of nonword repetition tasks matter for the magnitude of the SLI deficit found...The results may also affect the application of nonword repetition as an identifier of children with SLI." (p. 193)

Keywords: Specific Language Impairment

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Added to Compendium: December 2011

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