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EBP Compendium: Summary of Clinical Practice Guideline

Department for Education and Skills; Department of Health (United Kingdom)
Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Good Practice Guidance

Autism Working Group (2002).
Nottingham (United Kingdom): DfES Publications, DfES/597/2002, 17 pages.

AGREE Rating: Recommended with Provisos


This guideline provides recommendations for assessment and treatment of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the United Kingdom. The target audience of this guideline is healthcare providers involved in the management of children with ASD, including speech-language pathologists.


  • Assessment/Diagnosis
    • Assessment Areas
      • Cognition/Language - SLPs should evaluate all aspects of communication and social functioning in addition to speech and language (p. 104).
    • Assessment Instruments
      • Cognition/Language - SLPs should use assessment tools that are sufficiently sensitive to address the needs of children with Asperger’s syndrome (p. 104).
  • Treatment
    • Cognition/Language
      • The SLP should provide opportunities for treatment to generalize across settings (p. 106).
      • The SLP should set up an “episodes of care” model in which “a pre-agreed set period of intervention [is] followed by either monitoring, review, or discharge” (p. 108).
  • Service Delivery
    • Provider
      • SLPs should focus on indirect provision of services, whereby the SLP provides knowledge and training to other professionals working with the child, as opposed to conducting only one-to-one therapy (p. 104).

Keywords: Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Added to Compendium: October 2011

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