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The ASHA Leader Proposal Form

Thanks for proposing to write for The ASHA Leader! Please be aware that submission of a proposal neither guarantees acceptance nor an invitation to write an entire feature. Your proposal first will be reviewed by our Editorial Committee to ensure a good fit for our newsmagazine. The Committee then may request revisions to your proposal, reject the project, or invite submission of your complete manuscript.

Even if your manuscript is already finished, you must submit a proposal before it will be considered for publication. The ASHA Leader does not accept simultaneous submissions.

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1. Proposed Title:*

2. Writer(s) (no more than four).*

3. Who is the target audience for your story?* Examples of the target audience include SLPs/audiologists/both; clinicians/researchers; and health care/schools/private practice.

4. Summarize the main focus of your story—the main point for readers to understand—in one or two sentences.* See examples of focuses.

5. Please provide an outline of your planned story, beginning with a hook.* See examples of hooks and examples of outlines.

6. Please provide a one- or two-paragraph sample from your proposed story.* Your writing style needs to be appropriate for a newsmagazine read by a broad professional audience. See Guidelines for Writers.

7. What research or aspects of evidence-based practice are included in your proposed submission?

8. What, if any, graphic elements would you include (photos, charts, illustrations, etc.)?

9. If you have written for other newsmagazines, please list or provide links to no more than three examples.

10. Please list the name, e-mail, and phone number for the primary writer contact. If there is more than one writer, please list only the writer who will be the primary contact for the submission.

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