Private Practice Institute Online: How Online Conferences Work

Private Practice Institute Online Conference - LogoIn our online conference, you'll have access to lectures, discussions, course handouts, presenters, and other participants—without the trouble and expense of travel. All you need is a laptop or desktop computer with Internet access. (Mobile devices are not currently supported.)

To understand what the conference will be like, view the Private Practice Institute Online Welcome and Orientation.

The conference includes:

  • Recorded lectures, which are available on demand while the conference is in session. Listen to them any time that fits your schedule. Unlike an in-person conference with concurrent sessions, you can "attend" all the lectures of an online conference.
  • A discussion thread related to each lecture. Post your comments and questions, and get reactions from other conference participants and presenters.
  • Live, text-based chats with presenters. During these scheduled one-hour chats, you can interact directly with presenters. The chats are text-based—no audio. (Use your keyboard to pose questions.) You can earn ASHA CEUs for participating in live chats (but not for reading chat transcripts).
  • Handouts and other resources. You may download and print or save handouts from all the lectures, as well as related resource documents.
  • Networking. You can post a professional profile and find others with similar professional interests and specialties.

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