Private Practice Institute Online: CEU Information

The number of ASHA CEUs or professional development hours (PDHs) you earn for this conference is determined by the number of recorded lectures and chats you complete.

Recorded lectures are available on demand while the conference is in session. You may listen to them any time that fits your schedule. Each lecture is planned to be approximately one hour long. The exact duration of each one will be posted in the conference hall.

Each live chat session is one hour long. To receive credit for a chat, you must be logged in for the full hour. You do not need to post a question in order to receive credit, but you must be online.

In our honor-based CEU system, you'll check off each lecture you listen to and each chat you participate in. The system will track and total your time, and convert the total to PDHs or ASHA CEUs as appropriate. See below for information on PDHs and CEUs.

At this time, we are recording the lectures, so we don't yet know exactly how long each will be. We estimate that it will be possible to earn up to at least 2.95 ASHA CEUs (29.5 professional development hours) if you complete every recorded lecture and chat. Your schedule may not permit you to earn this much credit.

What are ASHA CEUs, and who is eligible to earn them?

ASHA CEUs are awarded through the ASHA CE Registry to speech-language pathologists, audiologists, or speech/language/hearing scientists. Eligible persons must join the ASHA CE Registry to receive ASHA CEUs. For information about the Registry, go to

Joining the Registry is optional. If you are eligible to earn ASHA CEUs, but choose not to join the Registry, you may track your own professional development hours (PDHs).

What are PDHs, and who is eligible to earn them?

Professional development hours (PDHs) are an alternative unit of measure for continuing education activities. Related professionals, SLP and audiology assistants, and others may receive PDHs.

PDHs from this conference apply toward ASHA certification maintenance. You should check with other authorities (such as state license boards or departments of education) to see if they recognize PDHs.

How are CEUs/PDHs calculated?

  • One ASHA CEU equals ten hours of instruction.
  • One PDH equals one hour of instruction.
  • Both ASHA CEUs and PDHs are rounded down to the nearest half hour. So, for example, if you complete eleven recorded sessions totaling 11 hours, 38 minutes, and four live chats totaling four hours, you would receive 15.5 PDHs, or 1.55 ASHA CEUs.

Will I have access to conference material after the conference ends?

Yes, you'll continue to have access to recorded sessions, chat transcripts, and discussion boards for two weeks after the conference ends on February 4. This archive period, extending through Monday, February 18, is for reference purposes only. No continuing education credit may be earned after February 4.

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