Language and Literacy in Elementary Schools

An Online Conference for SLPs

April 15–27, 2015

Language and Literacy in Elementary Schools - Online Conference

We know that, as a school-based SLP, you're passionate about serving elementary-age kids and enhancing their language and literacy skills. But you're also faced with new state and federal initiatives surrounding language and literacy goals.

Language and Literacy in Elementary Schools, our new online conference, will give you takeaway strategies that will enhance and improve your clinical and professional practice, so you can face the challenges of federal and state initiatives while helping the kids you work with reach language and literacy goals.

After attending this conference, you'll be able to:

  • Incorporate in your clinical practice evidence-based intervention strategies that address language and literacy
  • Enhance your collaborative practice within the school and with families
  • Improve language and literacy outcomes in elementary-age students

Fill your clinical toolbox with the innovative strategies and takeaway tips featured in this online conference.

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Why Should I Attend?

To get the clinical and professional information you need NOW to provide effective and relevant language and literacy services for your elementary-age students.

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