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Message from Julie Noel, Convention Co-Chair for Speech-Language Pathology and Jeanane Ferre, Convention Co-Chair for Audiology

Julie Noel, Convention Co-Chair for Speech-Language PathologyWe are SO excited about this year's upcoming Convention and ASHA's first visit to Denver, Colorado, since 1968! Nearly 5 decades later, unbelievable changes have shaped and redefined our society, the world in which we live, the Association, the professions of speech-language pathology and audiology, and the lives of the patients, clients, and students we serve.

Change happens—nothing remains the same. For 2015, we are embracing the notion of change in all of its many forms with our thought-provoking theme, "Changing Minds. Changing Lives. Leading the Way." The dates for the Annual Convention have even changed: The 2015 ASHA Convention is scheduled for November 12–14, 2015 (2 weeks prior to Thanksgiving) at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver.

As you review this year's Convention topic areas, consider how change relates to your professional life and how you might contribute to this year's Convention with a submission that speaks to that change. Do you have treatment outcomes data for a patient or client that reflects significant changes directly attributable to the services you provided? Have your professional interactions challenged you to change your point of view? Have you championed a change of mind in another colleague? Do you have a trail-blazing intervention technique or an intriguing research question you would like to explore? Are you considering submitting a proposal for the first time, or has it been years since you presented at the ASHA Convention? CHANGE that and let us hear from you with a submission that encompasses or epitomizes our theme of change.

Jeanane Ferre, Convention Co-Chair for AudiologyASHA Convention attendees expect state-of-the-art programming and exhibits, and this year's Convention will not disappoint. In response to your comments and in keeping with our theme, we have made some changes for the 2015 ASHA Convention. Here are some highlights:

  • Research is infused into every topic area with the goal of promoting collaboration between researchers and clinicians and enriching the work of both groups. Research informs our academic and clinical education as well as our clinical practice. Professional practice and treatment outcomes help generate new lines of research inquiry.
  • Topic areas include new and revamped content categories. The newest topic areas for 2015 are Auditory/Central Auditory Processing Disorders (A/CAPD), chaired by Teri Bellis, and Telepractice (TEL), chaired by Melissa Jakubowitz. Revised and updated topic areas include Neuroanatomy/Neurophysiology of the Auditory and Vestibular Mechanisms (NAVM), chaired by Keith Wolgemuth, and Communication Sciences (CS), representative of our discipline's science base (hearing, language, speech, vestibular issues), co-chaired by Karen Forrest and Bob Burkard.

Please review all of the topic descriptions carefully, whether in the categories of Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology, or General Interest, to determine the best fit for your submission.

The 2015 topic chairs and their committees are working diligently to develop invited sessions covering the breadth and depth of attendees' interests, work settings, and experiences. The ASHA Convention will continue to feature a variety of session formats, including Technical Clinical and Technical Research Sessions, Twilight Sessions, Oral Seminars, Short Courses, and Poster Presentations.

Leave room in your Convention schedule for the social networking activities at Convention, including the Opening General Session, Awards Ceremony, Open Houses, and Closing Party. We have some changes up our sleeve for these events, too.

Join us and your colleagues for a "November to Remember," November 12–14, 2015, as we explore, celebrate, and champion what we do and who we are as clinicians, scientists, and scholars. Make plans to be with us in Denver as we "Change Minds. Change Lives. Lead the Way."

See you there!

Julie and Jeanane