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Autism: Supporting Social Cognition in Schools - Online ConferenceAudiology 2014: Genetics and Hearing Loss

An Online Conference

October 15–27, 2014

As an audiologist, you're usually the first person a parent talks to after a child fails the newborn hearing screening, which puts you in a unique position.

And although getting a family history is important, new genetic testing technologies are improving and becoming more accessible making them a key aspect of the diagnostic process.

In this online conference, led by Kathleen Arnos, PhD, director of the genetics program at Gallaudet University, you'll get the latest info on these technologies while learning about advances in the field of genetics and how they impact your clients.

Get the skills to:

  • Describe how genetic factors influence hearing loss in infants and school-age children
  • Describe the recent scientific progress in complex genetics
  • Explain hearing loss to patients and families
  • Determine appropriate referrals for diagnosis and management

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Why Should I Attend?

"Genetics can be complicated. In this conference, you’ll get practical information that connects the dots and helps you work more effectively with your clients and their families."

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