Audiology Practice Analysis and Curriculum Study

ASHA conducted a practice analysis in August-September 2007 to identify the critical clinical activities and foundational knowledge for newly graduated doctoral audiologists to enter independent professional practice. The Council for Clinical Certification (CFCC) and the Council on Academic Accreditation (CAA) partnered with ASHA to develop this survey, last conducted in 1995.

An invitation to respond to this practice analysis survey was sent to more than 8,500 professionals in the field of audiology in order to obtain input from a large number of practicing professionals in a wide variety of practice settings. We appreciate those of you who responded to the survey and provided valuable information to help validate and update curriculum expectations and certification requirements in audiology.

The results this study will inform the CAA and CFCC on academic and clinical standards for the profession of audiology, as well as the content and weighting of the national Praxis examination. One of the outcomes of the 2007 analysis will be to ensure that the scope and level of education in audiology is consistent with the current scope of practice for the profession.

The final report of the Audiology Practice Analysis and Curriculum Study was presented to the CAA and CFCC by its external psychometric consultant on this study at their March 2008 meetings. The Councils reviewed the results and will be studying the data analyses in more depth over the next several months to determine if any modifications to the standards or knowledge and skill statements are warranted.

The final report, A Practice and Curriculum Analysis for the Profession of Audiology, was published in September 2008. Copies may be ordered online or by contacting:

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