Volume 4, Number 2

March 2013


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Intersections is the quarterly e-newsletter distributed to ASHA Approved Continuing Education Providers to connect and exchange ideas in order to better accomplish their continuing education activities.


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Online Transcript Look-Up-How to Advise Participants About When to Expect to Find CEUs on Their Transcripts

As most of you should be aware, the ASHA CE Registry launched its online CE transcript look-up approximately 1 year ago. This long-awaited, valuable feature is meeting the needs of many, while increasing both the level of participation, as well as the expectations of numerous, satisfied customers

We are pleased to offer our members 24/7 access to such valuable information, however on-demand access presents us with some new challenges. Participants expect to see courses on their transcript ASAP, and are quick to call with questions, or initiate a participant appeal, if a recently completed course is not included. As our partner in the CE delivery process, you can help us manage expectations of ASHA CE Registry users related to how quickly a completed course will be added to their transcript. During course registration, sign-in, and/or the ASHA CE Participant Form collection process, please:

  • Inform course attendees of your process and timeline for submitting course reporting information. Include details on when/how your organization will submit CEU participant information to ASHA CE.
  • Remind participants that once materials reach ASHA CE it can take up to four weeks before the course is posted to their transcript. Participants should consider this timeframe, before expecting to see an updated online.

Participant appeals should be initiated only after the participant has:

  • Insured that he/she carefully followed the ASHA Approved CE Provider's instructions in order to be awarded ASHA CEUs.
  • Determined that the Provider does not have a record of course completion or documentation of a member's request to earn ASHA CEUs (e.g., completion of an ASHA CEU Participant form).


Mine the Data

ASHA routinely surveys its members. Those surveys are chock full of data to help you identify the learning needs of speech-language pathologists and audiologists. At the ASHA survey page will find an audiology survey, a researcher survey, a schools survey, an SLP health care survey and more. Be sure to take advantage of this free resource.


Instructional Personnel Disclosure Statements in Promotional Materials

You had the instructor complete disclosure forms. You reviewed the disclosure form in the context of the course’s learning outcomes, agenda, and instructor’s bio and you identified potentially relevant relationships. You’ve discussed the relevant relationships with the instructor and crafted the financial and nonfinancial disclosure statements. Now what?

Read the latest guidance on the content, format, and placement of instructional personnel disclosure statements in materials used to advertise courses offered for ASHA CEUs.

Ordering Mailing Lists from ASHA for Promotional Materials? You Now Need to Submit Final Copy

Remember when ordering mailing lists through ASHA for your brochures or promotional materials that you need to submit a final copy of the piece you intend to mail. If you already order mailing lists or are planning to do so, read the information that has been recently posted on the ASHA CE website. Your promotional materials are reviewed and approved by ASHA CE prior to the sale of mailing lists. If your materials promote courses offered for ASHA CEUs, you need to make sure that your materials are compliant with ASHA CEB requirements before submitting your sample for review. Instructional personnel disclosure statements for each presenter must include information on both financial and nonfinancial relationships. The ASHA Approved CE Provider Brand Block and accompanying sentence must also be included. If you are conducting a cooperative offering with an organization that is not an ASHA Approved CE Provider, it is your responsibility to oversee and monitor their promotional materials and ensure that those materials will be compliant with ASHA CEB Requirements.

Information on the promotional material review process is available on the ASHA CE website. If you wish to review Requirement 3 and particularly the information on instructional personnel disclosure statements, go to the ASHA website. Also on the website is information about the use of the ASHA Approved CE Provider Brand Block [PDF].

Don't forget that ASHA Approved CE Providers receive a 5% discount on the purchase of one mailing list annually.

Can I Offer a Course for Partial Credit?

We get this question from many Providers, and the short answer is "it depends."

Partial credit is an option for certain courses registered for ASHA CEUs. The decision to offer a course for partial credit should be made before the course is registered and should be based on the course structure. Some courses lend themselves to being offered for partial credit. These include conventions that have multiple concurrent sessions, journal or regular study groups that meet multiple times over several months, and clinical grand rounds in a hospital. The deciding factor is whether a participant can meet all the course’s learning outcomes without attending the entire course.

One- or 2-day courses on a specific topic, self-studies, and independent studies do not lend themselves to being offered for partial credit. Participants may not pick and choose the session(s) that they will attend and the expectation is for them to be in attendance for the entire course.

We understand that emergencies arise, participants/instructors may become ill, or weather events may cause delays. The CE Administrator can account for those situations—after the course has been held—using Section H of the Course Offering Report form [PDF] and the Provider Use Only section of the CE Participant Form [PDF].

For further guidance, contact your Provider Manager or check out the CE website.

Intersections is developed and written by:
Karen Cohen, Clay Colbert-Dorsey, Joan Oberlin, Brandi Wilkins and Zachary Roach

Intersections is published by:
ASHA Continuing Education staff with the assistance of a volunteer advisory panel of ASHA Approved CE Providers: Marva Mount (EBS Healthcare), Wayne Secord (Red Rock Publications); Donna Spillman Kennedy (Selective Mutism Anxiety Research & Treatment Center), Susan Almon Mantangos (Aegis Therapies, Inc.), Cory Tompkins (Career Improvement & Advancement Opportunities), and Mark Witkind (Witkind Associates)

Managing Editors: Joan Oberlin, Ellen Fagan

Continuing Education Board Members:
Pauline Mashima (chair), Linda Carroll, Candice Costa, Twhanna Green, Sherri Lovelace Brooks, Mary Hooper, Ninevah Wood Murray, Mona Ryan, Amy Weiss, Robert Novak (monitoring vice-president), Jennifer Watson (monitoring vice-president) and Ellen Fagan (ex officio)

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