Eligibility for Earning ASHA CEUs Effective July 1, 2011

Effective July 1, 2011, the eligibility criteria for earning ASHA CEUs has changed. This page explains the new criteria and outlines your responsibility.

Who is eligible to earn ASHA CEUs?

Effective July 1, 2011, individuals must meet at least one of the following conditions in order to be eligible to earn ASHA CEUs.

  • ASHA Member (includes Life member and International affiliates)
  • ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) Holder
  • Licensed by a state or provincial regulatory agency to practice speech-language pathology (SLP) or audiology
  • Credentialed by a state regulatory agency to practice SLP or audiology
  • Credentialed by a national regulatory agency to practice SLP or audiology
  • Engaged in a Clinical Fellowship under the supervision of an individual with their ASHA CCC
  • Currently enrolled in a masters or doctoral program in SLP or audiology

What is my ASHA Approved CE Provider role in determining eligibility to earn ASHA CEUs?

Please communicate eligibility criteria to your course attendees. We encourage you to post ASHA CEU eligibility criteria [PDF] on your website, in promotional materials, and at your live events. Please do not submit to the ASHA CE Registry information (ASHA CEU Participant forms or the electronic reporting) for individuals who are not eligible to earn ASHA CEUs.

If an attendee is not an ASHA member or CCC holder but meets any one of the other criteria, they may either provide their eligibility on the ASHA CEU Participant form at the course or inform the ASHA CE Registry of their eligibility by completing the web form on our website. If your organization electronically submits participant reporting, please submit reporting for all eligible participants and direct attendees who are not an ASHA member or CCC holder but meet any one of the other criteria to complete the eligibility web form.

What is the ASHA CE Registry doing to determine eligibility?

In May and June 2011, we will contact current CE Registry users who do not meet the new criteria and ask them to document eligibility. After July 1, 2011, if we receive an ASHA CEU participant form for an attendee who is not in our database as an "eligible" Registry user, we will ask them to provide documentation of eligibility prior to awarding ASHA CEUs.

We have questions you might receive from attendees in your courses and some answers you can share with them available on the ASHA CE website in our FAQ section.

If you have questions about this new criterion, contact Ellen Fagan, Director of ASHA CE at [email protected]

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