American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Warning Signs of Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Does someone you know... 

  • Frequently misunderstand what is said and want things repeated?
  • Have difficulty following verbal instructions and/or respond inconsistently?
  • Turn up the volume of the television, radio, or stereo?
  • Get distracted easily?
  • Have difficulty listening or paying attention when there is noise in the background?
  • Have speech and/or language problems?
  • Have a short attention span or poor memory for sounds or words?
  • Have trouble identifying and/or localizing sounds?
  • Have reading, spelling, and other academic problems?
  • Have self-described feelings of isolation, exclusion, annoyance, embarrassment, confusion, and helplessness?
  • Have behavior problems?
  • Pull or scratch at his or her ears?

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