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Ask the CAA Featured Question

What are CAA's expectations for making student achievement information "clearly visible and readily accessible" on the program's website?

Changes to several of CAA's Standards for Accreditation went into effect on January 1, 2013, including the public information reporting requirements under Standard 1.7. A program must now publish to its website the specific student achievement data described in that standard, and should be presented as follows:

  • labeled "Student Achievement Data" or "Student Outcome Data"
  • accessible via a direct link on the graduate program's home page
  • separate data tables are to be presented for the clinical doctoral program in audiology and master's program in speech-language pathology, if both programs are accredited

The CAA is applying these conditions to ensure that student achievement data are easily and readily accessible from the accredited graduate program's website as well as being clearly visible to the public—for prospective students, parents, and other interested parties. Consistent labeling across programs' websites also will help foster public awareness, use and understanding of these data.

As a recognized accrediting agency with both CHEA and USDE, these efforts support their requirements for accountability and transparency to the public related to information about academic quality and student achievement.

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