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Ask the CAA

The CAA and the Accreditation staff are often contacted by academic programs to provide guidance about issues related to accreditation. The CAA hopes this new resource, responding to those frequently asked questions, will help support programs in the administration and quality of the program. Ideas for future featured questions can be submitted to the Accreditation Office at

Featured Questions

Fall 2015: What are the CAA's expectations for calculating program completion rates?

Spring 2015: What are the CAA's expectations for a program's long-term strategic plan?

Fall 2014: Are there specific degrees that constitute "research-qualified" doctoral-level faculty, as it relates to Standard 2.2?

Fall 2013: What materials must be available on the program's website?

Spring 2013: How does CAA use the student achievement data that programs are required to report annually?

Fall 2012: What are CAA's expectations for making student achievement information "clearly visible and readily accessible" on the program's website?

Spring 2012: What are CAA's expectations related to program faculty and supervisors holding the ASHA CCC?

Fall 2011: How does CAA support innovation in programs, including those wishing to expand student enrollment?

Spring 2011: How do I report faculty FTE breakouts in my CAA report?

Fall 2010: How long should a graduate program maintain student records?

Ask the Program

A wealth of information about quality education and self-assessment can be found among the faculty and staff in CSD programs. So, the CAA would like to open the floor for your input about targeted issues members most frequently raise with us. Responses will be featured online or in a future newsletter.

Spring 2014: How has your program increased feedback from alumni? Submit responses to

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