American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Submission Policy and Agreement

By submission of the "Author/Developer Questionnaire and Submission Form" and/or any other documents, materials, designs, products, ideas, proposals, suggestions and the like (collectively the "Submission") to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association ("ASHA"), I acknowledge that I have read and understood and agree to be bound by the below-described terms and conditions governing my Submission and, if desired, have consulted with an attorney regarding its scope and effect:

  1. Non-Confidential Disclosure. Although ASHA does not intend to disclose my Submission to any third-parties, I agree that ASHA may in fact consider my Submission on a non-confidential basis, that ASHA has no confidential, business, or fiduciary relationship with me, and that ASHA has no obligation to maintain the confidentiality of my Submission.

    If the inadvertent or other disclosure of my unsolicited Submission would cause me any losses, or subject me to any kind of damages, I agree not to submit my Submission to ASHA, unless and until I first obtain a separate written agreement signed by both ASHA and myself that addresses the confidential status of my submission. [Please note that ASHA discourages confidential Submissions.]

  2. No Obligations. My Submission is made on the understanding that ASHA shall give it such consideration as it merits in ASHA's sole judgment. ASHA assumes no obligation to review, examine, consider, evaluate, adopt, implement, or otherwise make use of my Submission, unless ASHA determines in its sole discretion that ASHA desires to do so. ASHA is under no obligation to reveal to me any information that ASHA may have, including information that may impact ASHA's or my perception as to the value of the Submission.

  3. Rights in Submission. It is agreed that in protecting my Submission as with respect to ASHA only, I shall rely solely on my rights under the patent, trademark, and copyright laws, and that consideration of my Submission by ASHA shall in no way impair ASHA's right to contest the validity of any patent, trademark, or copyright. Other than those rights described in this paragraph, I waive all rights and causes of action I may have against ASHA, now or in the future, and release ASHA from all other claims and causes of action relating to or arising from my providing the Submission to ASHA, or ASHA's receipt of my voluntary Submission.

  4. Submission Materials Will Not Be Returned. ASHA will be permitted to retain copies of anything I submit for ASHA's consideration, as a record of what was submitted, regardless of whether ASHA adopts, implements, or otherwise makes use of my Submission. I shall retain an exact copy of my Submission for my own records. I grant ASHA the right to make limited copies of my Submission, for internal purposes only, in connection with ASHA's consideration of the Submission.

  5. Compensation. No agreement for compensation shall be implied by the receipt, consideration, evaluation, or review of my Submission by ASHA. If ASHA decides that my Submission may be offered for sale or otherwise distributed by ASHA or its partners or affiliates, the extent of my compensation will be determined by a separate written agreement between me and ASHA. Of course, I will have no obligation to accept any offer.

  6. Use of ASHA Name and Trademarks. I understand and agree that I have no right or authorization to place or otherwise use ASHA's name or trademarks on my product shown in the Submission unless expressly authorized in writing by ASHA to do so. Nothing in this Submission Policy and Agreement allows me to use ASHA's name or any of ASHA's trademarks. Consideration of my Submission by ASHA is not an endorsement of any kind by ASHA, and I AGREE NOT TO ADVERTISE, PROMOTE, OR PUBLICIZE ASHA'S CONSIDERATION OR ACCEPTANCE OF MY SUBMISSION AS ANY TYPE OF ENDORSEMENT, SPONSORSHIP, APPROVAL, OR THE LIKE FROM OR BY ASHA.

  7. Complete Agreement. This agreement constitutes the whole and entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any and all prior discussions, agreements, communications, or statements (written or otherwise) regarding the Submission that you may have had with the Company or any of its representatives or agents. This agreement can be modified only through a written agreement, executed by both parties. The conditions of submission in this Submission Policy and Agreement shall apply to any further disclosures made by you relating in any way to the Submission. Any additional information contained on the ASHA Web site such as "About the Program", "ASHA New Product Guidelines Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)", and the like with regard to the submission process is provided solely in an attempt to provide additional and general background information. Such information is non-controlling, and is expressly superceded by this Submission Policy and Agreement, which shall control all aspects of any dispute surrounding the Submission.

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