American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Affiliate Products Program (APP)

ASHA publishes a wide variety of resources for the speech-language pathologist, audiologist, speech, language and hearing scientist, and the public. Our publications are used by professionals who work in the field of communication sciences and disorders. Some of the areas addressed by ASHA's products include professional development/continuing education products; reports, directories, and reference materials; assessment tools; multicultural products and resources; reimbursement, managed care, and treatment products; practice management and marketing products; and consumer education materials, including brochures and posters.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association will consider proposals for new products in its Marketing and Sales Program. To receive consideration, please submit a completed Author/Developer Questionnaire and Submission Form and agree to the terms in the Submission Policy and Agreement Statement. Note: If the book proposed is an edited, multicontributor volume, the submitted Questionnaire should include a list of proposed contributors.

Appropriate Submissions

Projects with significant research, educational, or clinical applications in speech, language, and hearing are generally appropriate submissions. Higher consideration may be placed on reference books and multimedia products for professionals, as well as educational materials for the public, including books and multimedia products, brochures, and posters providing information for ASHA members to provide to their clients and patients.

For Professional Development program submissions, send an e-mail to indicating your interest and someone will respond to you within one business day.

Evaluation Criteria

Upon receiving a Author/Developer Questionnaire and Submission Form and Submission Policy and Agreement Statement, ASHA reviews it internally for several factors including, but not limited to: accuracy, utility, attention to cultural and linguistic sensitivity, project's suitability for the Affiliate Products Program, potential audience and market potential, projected revenue, financial analysis, whether the author(s) or editor(s) can complete the book as proposed on time (if not yet published) and available staff time and resources.. This initial evaluation is generally made by ASHA's Director of Brand Management, the Director of Marketing and Sales, the Practices Cluster(s), and/or the Director of Finance, and may involve outside editorial advisers. Authors and product manufacturers/developers must complete the questionnaire so that the proposed publication's and product's applicability within ASHA's current Marketing Plan can be determined.


For new publications/products:

If your proposal is accepted, ASHA will offer you a contract. The contract will set forth the basic terms of the agreement. For example, ASHA agrees to publish or develop the book within a specified period of time and negotiate a payment agreement with the author. In exchange, the author agrees to complete the submission by a given deadline, grants exclusive rights to the work, and warrants that the material is original, nonlibelous, and free of any copyright restrictions. The contract is subject to negotiation.

When the completed product is submitted, it is reviewed by at least one peer reviewer selected by ASHA. An anonymous copy of the peer reviewer's comments may be provided to the author so that appropriate revisions can be made before the final acceptance of the manuscript by ASHA. After final acceptance, the product is then prepared for publication, usually with a specified time elapsing between acceptance of the final manuscript and publication. If the product is not received by the date specified in the contract, the contract may be nullified or the publication date may be substantially delayed.

The author(s) or product developer(s)/manufacturer(s) may be involved in the process of marketing and promoting the book or product. After signing their contracts, authors and product developers/manufacturers may be asked to complete a detailed Marketing Information Questionnaire, which forms an essential part of the information needed to promote the book or product.

For products already published or otherwise in commerce:

If your proposal is accepted, we may offer you a distribution agreement specifying terms of the agreement to distribute the book or product.


If you have any questions about preparing a Author/Developer Questionnaire and Submission Form, the Submission Policy and Agreement, or about the evaluation criteria, please contact Leslie Katz in ASHA Marketing and Sales by calling 301-296-8682 or e-mailing

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