American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Board of Special Interest Groups Coordinators

Liaisons with the Vice Presidents for Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Practice

Board Charge

  1. Advise the BOD on issues identified by the various SIGs;
  2. Execute specific actions approved by the BOD;
  3. Ensure SIGs are operating within the minima and maxima range of activities, and those activities are approved as part of the Association's strategic plan;
  4. Communicate and cooperate with the various organizational components of the Association to promote the goals and activities of the SIGs as they relate to the Association's strategic plan and related activities and programs;
  5. Coordinate activities and facilitate communication between and among the various SIGs;
  6. Develop, as necessary, guidelines and operational procedures generally applicable to various SIGs;
  7. Prepare annual reports of SIG activities, to be submitted in accordance with policies and procedures of the Association;
  8. Elect representative from the BSIGC to represent the interests of SIGs on other boards/committees of the Association when requested (e.g., CCSR). (In February 1995, the BDC approved, by motion, that its representative must have served previously or be serving as a Division [SIG] coordinator); and
  9. Assume responsibilities for study sections that may be established.


  • Debra M. Suiter, Chair
  • Donna Fisher Smiley, Board Liaison
  • Gail Richard, Board Liaison
  • Ingrid M. Blood
  • Lynne C. Brady Wagner
  • Kathleen M. Cienkowski
  • Jeanane M. Ferre
  • Jennifer C. Friberg
  • Diane Games
  • Joyce Harris
  • LaVae Hoffman
  • Melanie Hudson
  • Mary Ann Lowe
  • Brian Petty
  • Carole Roth
  • Janet S. Schreck
  • Douglas P. Sladen
  • Marlene Salas-Provance
  • Judith Trost-Cardamone
  • Laura Young-Campbell

Staff Liaison

Michelle Ferketic, ex officio

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