American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Scientific and Professional Education Board

Liaisons with the Vice Presidents for Standards and Ethics in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology

Board Charge

Review and recommend policies and procedures to the Board of Directors for the planning, coordination and evaluation of all Association sponsored continuing education activities and products; develop and maintain an integrated plan for all continuing education activities and products; monitor compliance with existing policies and procedures and provide guidance and direction, as needed, to the annual Convention Program Committee, National Office staff, and other Association groups charged with the responsibility for developing and presenting Association continuing education activities and products; consider issues both within and outside the Association that affect the quality, relevance, and availability of Association-sponsored educational events; solicit information from members of the Association and all other appropriate sources that would be useful in planning for Association-sponsored educational events; review and approve recommendations for future workshops, conferences, meetings, educational products, etc.; evaluate Association-sponsored continuing education activities and products; make recommendations to the Board of Directors for appointment of future Chairs of the annual Convention Program Committee; review the budget at least twice per year to assure that revenue goals are being met.


  • Kathy Coufal, Chair
  • Robert Novak, Board Liaison
  • Lissa Power-deFur, Board Liaison
  • Jeanane M. Ferre
  • Jaynee A. Handelsman
  • Julie B. Noel
  • Michael E. Biel
  • Craig Edward Coleman
  • Sarah L. Grantham
  • Shelley I. Gray
  • Gregory I. Lof
  • Anne Smith
  • Debra M. Suiter
  • Suzanne E. Thompson

Staff Liaison

Christopher Urena, ex officio

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