American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Health Care Economics Committee

Liaisons with the Vice President for Government Relations and Public Policy

Committee Charge

Assist the Governmental Relations and Public Policy (GRPP) Board and the GRPP cluster staff in determining the current economic issues and developing goals for ensuring equitable coverage and reimbursement for audiology and speech-language pathology services that can be incorporated into the Association's annual public policy agenda; focus on developing recommendations for coding and relative values of speech-language pathology and audiology procedures, for coverage of services by all payers, and to anticipate further socioeconomic needs of the professions and consumers.


  • Dee Adams Nikjeh, Co-Chair
  • Stuart G. Trembath, Co-Chair
  • Theresa H. Rodgers, Board Liaison
  • Faith W. Akin
  • Robert F. Burkard
  • Denise L. Dougherty
  • Leisha R. Eiten
  • Robert C. Fifer
  • Michael A. Hefferly
  • R. Wayne Holland
  • Carmen Vega-Barachowitz
  • Timothy G. Weise

Staff Liaison

Tim Nanof, ex officio

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