Joint Committee on Infant Hearing

Liaisons with the Vice President for Audiology Practice


Study the status of identification of congenital deafness at birth; propose directions for newborn identification programs; study the prevention and cure of congenital deafness; collect statistics on incidence of congenital deafness and its etiology.


  • One ASHA Chair to the committee
  • One ASHA member rep on the committee
  • Both CCC-A


  • Patti Martin
  • Ryan McCreery
  • Robert Fifer, Board Liaison


Typically 3 year terms, but often extended for continuity if JCIH is currently involved in writing a document.


One face-to-face meeting annually, possible 2nd meeting as needed.

JCIH works in subcommittees and online. Much of the work is electronic.

Desired Service Qualifications/Experiences

Pediatric audiology with at least 5–10 years of experience.

Staff Liaison

Anne Oyler, ex officio ([email protected])