American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Academic Affairs Board

Liaisons with the Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology

Board Charge

The charge of the Academic Affairs Board is to (a) identify and monitor critical issues, forecast needs and trends, develop resources, implement programs, and recommend actions that address academic preparation and (b) support and enhance capacity building efforts in response to clinical and faculty–researcher personnel needs and shortages.


  • Janet D. Koehnke, Chair
  • Barbara Cone, Board Liaison-Audiology
  • Shari Robertson, Board Liaison-Speech-Language Pathology
  • Richard C. Folsom, CAPCSD Liaison
  • Kathy L. Chapman
  • Elizabeth R. Crais
  • Anthony DiLollo
  • Richard C. Folsom
  • Julie A. Honaker
  • Malcolm R. McNeil
  • Susan N. Nittrouer
  • Jennifer Simpson

Staff Liaison

Loretta Nunez, ex officio

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