Be An Advocate!

With so many competing interests on Capitol Hill, it's necessary for students to speak out and be heard so their interests are not forgotten. Choose to advocate for yourself, your profession, and the clients you will one day serve!

Virtual Advocacy

Advocate for a particular issue and impact your future in 3 minutes! The more Congress hears about our issues, the more attention they will pay. Participation is easy!

E-mail Your Members of Congress

  1. Visit ASHA's Take Action website.
  2. Select the key issue(s) you wish to take action on (review any related Issues Briefs).
  3. Select "Click here to take action now!"
  4. Enter your contact information—the system will automatically identify your members of Congress.
  5. Edit the letter to include personal stories. Congressional offices read all letters that come in—personalizing yours will make it stand out! 
  6. Select "Submit" and you're done!

Involve Your Friends

Help us make the maximum impact by involving your friends! Once you've taken action, help us spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, and the "Tell a Friend" option on the Take Action site. #NSSLHAAdvocates

In-Person Visits

Want to chat with your members of Congress in person? First, find out who they are! Visit ASHA's Take Action website and enter your zip code in the right sidebar. This will provide you with information about each elected official in your area.

Capitol Hill Visits

To initiate a Capitol Hill visit, submit an appointment request letter at least 3 weeks prior to visiting. Once an appointment is made, prepare for your meeting and know what to expect (avoid presumptions!).

Local Office Visits

Can't make it to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.? Visit your local congressional office instead! Check out everything you need to know about setting up your appointment, preparing for your visit, and what to expect on the day of your meeting. Don't forget to follow up with a thank you letter after your visit!

NSSLHA Chapter? Get Everyone Involved!

If your NSSLHA chapter would like to participate in group advocacy, please contact Erik Lazdins, ASHA's associate director of grassroots member engagement, at or 202-624-8198.