Convention Program

The ASHA Convention is the strongest educational program for speech-language pathologists, audiologists, speech and hearing scientists, and related professionals.

Convention registration includes attendance at your choice of more than 2,500 CEU-qualified education sessions, including 1- and 2-hour oral seminars, technical clinical and technical research sessions, and poster presentations. (Read more about the different session formats.) Short Courses and the pre-Convention Sessions are ticketed extras that you may add to your Convention registration to enhance your learning. The complete 2016 program will be available through the online Program Planner in August.

Program Resources

General Expectations for Sessions Offered at the ASHA Convention

Education sessions at the ASHA Convention are noncommercial. It is not acceptable to use an education session to advertise a program, product, or service for sale.

  • The views that speakers express in education sessions are their own, and do not necessarily reflect ASHA's policies.
  • ASHA does not endorse programs, products, or services. Acceptance of a paper for presentation does not constitute ASHA's endorsement of its content.
  • Speakers are expected to refrain from comments or humor that disparages the rightful dignity of any person or group.
  • Speakers are expected to comply with copyright law and HIPAA regulations in selecting material and images for their presentations. In particular, speakers are cautioned against using images or identifying details of any client or patient without express written permission to do so.

Information for Presenters

Guidelines to assist presenters with preparing both oral seminars and poster presentations for the 2016 ASHA Convention will be posted after notifications of acceptance/non-acceptance for the Call for Papers are sent in July.

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