Maximizing Outpatient MBS Results

Treatment Tip

When you recommend a patient for an outpatient MBS, send a narrative with them to the other SLP. Describe the results of your clinical exam, the currently recommended diet, a brief synopsis of their course of therapy with you and what you are specifically looking to resolve with the objective study.

For example: "patient fatigues easily-please feed entire meal and do not start fluoro until 1/3 or 1/2 of meal is consumed" or "patient is an impulsive eater; do some fluoro while feeding them and then allow them to self-feed."

The SLP and radiologist doing the MBS will be grateful to you for not wasting their time and you're more likely to get the answer you were hoping the study would reveal.

Submitted by Denise Rogers, MA, CCC-SLP, Spartanburg Hospital for Restorative Care, Spartanburg, South Carolina

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