ASHA Website Search Tips

How to Refine Results

To narrow your search results to a specific part of the site, select any grouping under the headings Source or Publication Date on the left. Note: The number in parenthesis to the left of each grouping shows how many results fall under it.

For example, to display ASHA journal articles published in 2013 about swallowing, enter swallowing in the search box, select Journal Articles in Source and 2013 in Publication Date. You can also exclude a grouping by selecting the exclude icon that appears when you hover over the grouping.

You can remove any refinement by unchecking the box next to the grouping.

Special Operators

By default, the ASHA search engine finds pages that match all search terms in a query. Below are operators that can be used to conduct more specific searches.

Operator Action Examples
"term1 term2" Phrase search-specifies that words should be adjacent

"speech perception"

Finds pages containing this exact phrase

+term (with no space between + and the term)

Requires a term


Finds only pages that contain children

-term (with no space between - and the term) Excludes documents containing a term


Finds pages that do not include adults

term1 OR term2 Finds pages that contain at least one of the terms

screening OR testing

Finds pages that contain either screening or testing

term1 NOT term2 Finds pages that contain the first term but not the second

fees NOT fiberoptic

Finds pages that include fees but not fiberoptic

term1 NEAR term2 Finds pages that contain the two terms no more than ten terms apart. It is possible to specify how close the terms must be (from 1 to 10 terms apart) by using NEAR: n

caseload NEAR:5 model

Finds pages that contain caseload and model no more than 5 terms apart

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