2011 Research Symposium

A yearly event at the ASHA Convention is the Research Symposium, where current, theme-focused research is presented by experts.

Symposium Topic

Neurobiological Bases of Auditory and Speech Perception

Symposium Presentations

The narrated presentations are available online:

Proceedings of the 2011 Research Symposium

Papers from the 2011 Symposium were published in the Journal of Communication Disorders, Volume 45, Issue 6, 2012. Links to the PubMed abstracts are provided.



Hickok, G. The cortical organization of speech processing: Feedback control and predictive coding in the context of a dual-stream model 393–402
Kraus, N. Biological impact of music and software-based auditory training 403–410
Moore, D. R. Listening difficulties in children: Bottom-up and top-down contributions (abstract) 411–418
Scott, S. K. The neurobiology of speech perception and production—Can functional imaging tell us anything we did not already know? (abstract) 419–425
Shuster, L. I. and Hunter, L. L. 21st annual NIDCD-sponsored research symposium: Neurobiological processes underlying auditory and speech perception (abstract) 391–392

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