CICSD Journal – Volume 35, Spring 2008

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A Mentoring Model for Enhancing Success in Graduate Education
Wilhelmina Wright-Harp, Howard University, Washington, DC
Patricia A. Cole, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland

Acoustic Changes in Chinese Patients With Cancer-Related Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis After Medialization Thyroplasty
Manwa L. Ng, The University of Hong Kong
Ripley K. Wong, William I. Wei, Y. H. Wong, and Paul K. Y. Lam, Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong

A Review of Evidence for the Covert Repair Hypothesis of Stuttering
Paul H. Brocklehurst, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Counseling Training in Communication Disorders: A Survey of Clinical Fellows
Daphne T. Phillips, Scottsdale Healthcare Hospital, Scottsdale, Arizona
Lisa Lucks Mendel, The University of Memphis, Tennessee

The Role of the SLP in Assisting College Students With Dyslexia in Fulfilling Foreign Language Requirements: A Case Study
Sharon M. DiFino, Bonnie W. Johnson, Linda J. Lombardino, University of Florida, Gainesville

A Preliminary Study of the Effects of Interactive Metronome Training on the Language Skills of an Adolescent Female With a Language Learning Disorder
Jessica J. Sabado, Evergreen Healthcare, Seattle, Washington
Donald R. Fuller, Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington

The Impact of Prolonged Pacifier Use on Speech Articulation: A Preliminary Investigation
Laura L. Shotts, D. Mike McDaniel, and Richard A. Neeley, Arkansas State University, Jonesboro

Verb Particle Errors in Preschool Children With Specific Language Impairment
Corinne R. Juhasz and Bernard Grela, University of Connecticut, Storrs