CICSD Journal – Volume 32, Spring 2005

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The Evolution of the Auditory System: A Tutorial
Elizabeth Hester

Pediatric Nonorganic Hearing Loss: Psychosocial Issues and Management
Zarin Mehta and Rachel Martindale

Relative Speech Timing in Parkinson Disease
Alexander M. Goberman and Jessica McMillan

Gestures Produced by Patients With Aphasia and Ideomotor Apraxia
Beth L. Macauley and Candace L. Handley

Verbal Working Memory Skills of Children Who Stutter: A Preliminary Investigation
Jamie Reilly and Joseph Donaher

Case Studies of Sentence Complement Training and False Belief Performance
Carol A. Miller and Sandy E. Verrilli

Pretreatment Stimulability and Percentage of Consonants Correct as Predictors of Across-Phoneme Generalization
Cari B. Flint and Janis Costello Ingham

Clinicians' Questioning Behavior: Achieving Intellectual Intimacy in a Postmodern Professional Era
David A. Shapiro and Nelson Moses