CICSD Journal – Volume 30, Spring 2003

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En Route to the Three-Dimensional Registration and Analysis of Speech Movements: Instrumental Techniques for the Study of Articulatory Kinematics
Margaret M. Earnest and Ludo Max

Professional and Educational Issues: Summit of Doctoral Students Specializing in Fluency Disorders
Joseph Donaher, Jennifer Bathel, Kevin A. Eldridge, Brett Kluetz, Joseph Klein, and Jim Tsiamtsiouris

Communication Disorders Students' Attitudes Toward Aging and the Elderly
Rodney M. Gabel, Jeffrey Searl, and J. Steven Fulks

Effect of Instruction on the Development of Rhyming Skills in Young Children
Mary E. Reynolds, Kristie Callihan, and Erin Browning

High-Stakes Testing: The Background Behind Testing-Based Educational Reforms and Implications for Practice by Speech-Language Pathologists
Monica Gordon Pershey

Limitations of Pure-Tone Audiometry in the Detection of Nonorganic Hearing Loss: A Case Study
Zarin Mehta

Promoting Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration at the Preprofessional Level: The Reading Specialist in the Speech-Language Clinic
Laura M. Justice and Terri Purcell

Speech-Language Pathologists' Perceptions of Their Training and Experience in Using Alternative and Augmentative Communication
Lynda A. Marvin, Joseph J. Montano, Lisa M. Fusco, and Evelyn P. Gould

A Preliminary Study of Speech Rates in Young Australian English-Speaking Children
Michael Robb, Harvey Gilbert, Vicki Reed, and Amanda Bisson