NSSLHA Journal 1996 – Volume 23

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Effects of Narrative Intervention on a Preschooler's Syntactic and Phonological Development
Paul Hoffman, Janet Norris, and Joann Nonjure

Treatment of Spasmodic Dysphonia: A Brief Overview for Clinicians
Christie Kieschnick and Thomas Powell

Technology Training Issues: Emerging and Expanding Roles of Speech-Language Pathologists
Paula Currie, Sonya Carr, and Carol Torrey

Cerumen Management and Audiology Practice: Attitudes among Otolaryngolgists and Audiologists
Thomas Rigo, Shalini Arehole, and Trent Myers

Learning After Graduation: Use of Videotape Instructions to Remain Current
Janet Norris and Paul Hoffman

Academic Procrastination by Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Students
Donna Harris, Mary Pannbacker, and Norman Lass

Speech Perception: A Psychoacoustic Perspective
Nancye Roussel

Students' Opinions on a Professional Doctorate in Speech-Language Pathology
Norman Lass, Charles Woodford, Mary Pannbacker, John Schmitt, Jane Scheuerle, Alice Kahn, David Irwin, Richard Saniga, and Tracy Novocin

Selecting a Doctoral Program in Communication Sciences and Disorders
Mary Pannbacker, Norman Lass, and Grace Middelton

Effects of Physical Activity Levels on Perceived Age and Speaking Rate of Elderly Subjects: Preliminary Data
Peter Mueller and An Xue

Giving Up the Grade Chase for a Competency-Based Education
Donald Mowrer

Service Delivery by University Training Clinics: Strengths and Challenges
Richard Culatta and Stanley Goldberg

Preparing Students for Service Delivery in a Culturally Diverse World
Linda Badon and Sandra Bourque

Comprehensive Examinations: A Tradition Challenged
David Cunningham, George Purvis, Barbara Baker, and Ian Windmill