NSSLHA Journal 1990/1991 – Volume 18

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Editor's Page

In Pursuit of Quality: Evaluating Clinical Outcomes
Carol Frattali

Overcoming Fragmentation Through the Client-Clinician Relationship
Daniel DeJoy

A Profession in Transition: Thoughts on the Speech-Language Pathologists as a "School Language Specialist"
Charlann Simon

Empowerment in the Clinical Context: The Speech-Language Pathologist as Advocate
Jack Damico and Mary Beth Armstrong

Toward the Ethnography of Communication Disorders
Dana Kovarsky and Martha Crago

A Cross-Cultural Perspective of Academic and Clinical Preparation
Robin Dilworth, Marilyn Pipes, and Lucy Weeks

The Place of Language in Scientific Psychology
George Miller

Chimpanzee Culture
Michael Tomasello

Theory and Practice: A Principled Approach to Treatment of Young Children With Specific Language Disorders
Susan Ellis Weismer

A Guide for Assessing Young Children's Expressive Language Skills Through Language Sampling
Kay Garrard

Articulation Development in Children Aged Two to Four Years
Elizabeth Prather, Donna Lee Hedrick and Carolyn Kern

Public Health Service Assessment: The Role of Speech-Language Pathologists in the Management of Dysphagia, 1989
Martin Erlichman

Monitoring and Maintaining Amplification Units for Children: The Need for Standard Practices
William Healey and Julie Reichman

Using the Audiogram in Parent Counseling
Lee Terrio, Cynthia Bivins and Stephen Oshrin

The Effect of Hearing Loss on the Latency of the Latency of the P300 Evoked Potential: A Pilot Study
James Martin, Jr. amd Lida Wall

Council of Graduate Programs 1988-89 National Survey: First Increase in Undergraduate Enrollments in 15 Years Documented
Eugene Coope, John Bernthal and Nancy Creaghead

Richard Neeley, D Michael McDaniel and Emilio Perez

Ethical Standards in the University Clinic: A Student Perspective
Ann Reichert and Anthony Caruso

Professors' Perceptions of Stutterers
Dennis Ruscello, Norman Lass, John Schmitt, Mary Pannbacker, Faye Hoffman, Melissa Miley and Karen Robison

Coexistence of Communication Disorders: Implications for Clinical Training
Kenneth St. Louis, Dennis Ruscello, and Norman Lass