NSSLHA Journal 1989/1990 – Volume 17

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Editor's Page

The Fragmentation of Clinical Service and Clinical Science in Communicative Disorders
Raymond Kent

The Supervisory Process: An Experience of Interpersonal Relationships and Personal Growth
Marisue Pickering

The Essential Value of Early Education
Donald Stedman

Contingent Social Responsiveness, Family Ecology, and Infant Communicative Competence
Carl Dunst, Linda Wortman Lowe and Patrick Bartholomew

Phonological Process Therapy in School Settings: Bare Essentials to Meeting the Ultimate Challenge
Linda Kahn and Nancy Lewis

The Differential Diagnosis of Disfluency
Richard Culatta and Linda Leeper

The Relationship Between Syllable Reduction, Final Consonant Deletion, and Sentence Length in Children with Down Syndrome
Pamela Crosley and Susann Dowling

A Concurrent Approach to Fluency Treatment
Cynthia Gouge and David Shapiro

Establishing Rapport With Young Children During Speech-Language Diagnostic Evaluations
Geraldine Pattison and Thomas Powell

Measuring the Auditory Brain Stem Response: A Simplified Explanation of Strategies and Techniques
Stephen Oshrin and Lee Terrio

Postaudiological Evaluation Counseling of the Hearing Aid Candidate
Andrienne Rubinstein

Speech-Language Pathology Students' Perceptions of Stutterers
Dennis Ruscello, Norman Lass, Rebecca French, and Melissa Channel

A Survey of College Students' Knowledge and Awareness of Hearing, Hearing Loss, and Hearing Health
Norman Lass, Charles Woodford, and Debra Everly-Myers