NSSLHA Journal 1988 – Volume 16

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Editors Page

Professional Ethics: The Hidden Foundation
William Green

Happy Birthday: The Journal of Speech and Hearing Research
Gerald Siegel and Robin Brenneise-Sarshad

Scaling Concepts Underlying the Decibel
Melinda Rhea, Lee Terrio and Stephen Oshrin

Acoustic Properties of Artifical Larnyx Speech
Bethann Moffet and Rebekah Pindzola

Pragmatic Development in Normal Children: Assessment of Testing Protocol
Annette Eudy Carpenter and Jacqueline Strong

Developmental Spelling and the Speech-Language Pathologist
J. Richard Gentry

Augmentative Communication System Acquisition and Use: A Model for Teaching and Assessing Progress
Mary Ann Romski and Rose Sevcik

One Perspective on Recovery in Aphasia
Michael Crary and Nancy Jeanne Haak

A Literate Guide to Computerized Articulation Treatment
Mark Driscoll

A Report on Adaptive Behavioral Outcomes in Adolescents With Developmental Language Disorders
Deborah Soriano, Rhea Paul, and Donald Cohen

College Students' Perceptions of Stutterers
Dennis Ruscello, Norman Lass, Julianne Brown

Responses of School-Aged Children to WH-Questions
Patricia George Reed and Joan Klecan-Aker

Facilitating Telecommunications for Nonspeaking Individuals
Nidia Sarmento and Patricia Mercaitis

Prekindergarteners' Performance on The Boehm Test of Basic Concepts
Amelia Ouellette and Robert Casteel