CICSD Journal – Volume 33, Fall 2006

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Maximizing Family Involvement in Early Literacy
Holly Howat, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

An Assessment Paradigm for Speech-Language Pathologists Working With Children With Reading Disabilities
Cynthia S. Puranik and Linda J. Lombardino, University of Florida at Gainesville

Supervisees' Expectations of Supervisor Characteristics: Preclinical Fellowship Year Versus Postclinical Fellowship Year
Allison Dobbs, Heather McKervey, Eleni Roti, Rebecca Stewart, and Barbara M. Baker, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky

Drugs and Their Effects on Children: Maybe It's Not Just a Bad Day
Lynette C. Klotz, Kimberly Murphy, and Robert E. Owens, Jr., State University of Geneseo, Geneseo, New York

Comparison of Discourse Genres: Clinical Implications
Lynn S. Bliss, University of Houston, Houston, Texas
Allyssa McCabe, University of Massachusetts at Lowell

Computer Use in the Management of Aphasia: A Survey of Practice Patterns and Opinions
Lori Davis, University of Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Karen Copeland, St. John Medical Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Counseling in Laryngectomy
Douglas McColl and Anna Hooper, California State University, Chico
Shelley Von Berg, University of Nevada at Reno

Effects of Differential Prolongations of Phrases on the Perceptions of Speech Naturalness
Natalie Schaeffer, Brooklyn College, New York

Intervention of Short-Term and Working Memory Impairments in Closed-Head Injury: A Literature Review
Irene H. Kim, Craig Hospital, Englewood, Colorado

Professional Standards in Russia for the Practice of Audiology
Natalia Bezriadina, Tena L. McNamara, and Susan G. Prendergast, Illinois State University at Normal