CICSD Journal – Volume 32, Fall 2005

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Semantic Feature Analysis as a Functional Therapy Tool
Lori A. Davis, Suzanne Thompson Stanton

Case Studies of Auditory Training for Children With Auditory Processing Difficulties: A Preliminary Analysis
Carol A. Miller, Elise A. Uhring, Jaumeiko J. C. Brown, Eileen M. Kowalski, Barbara Roberts, Barbara A. Schaefer

What to Work on How: An Examination of the Practice of School-Age Language Intervention
Teresa A. Ukrainetz

Test-Retest Reliability for the SSW Number of Error (NOE) Analysis in an Adult Population With Hearing Impairment
Thomas R. Zalewski

Service Learning in Speech-Language Pathology: Stakeholders' Perceptions of a School-based Feeding Improvement Project
Rita L. Bailey, Maureen E. Angell

Development of a Clinical Philosophy by Graduate Students in Speech-Language Pathology
Pamela R. Mitchell, Lisa R. Audet

Comparison of Vocal Characteristics of Future Professionals in Three Different University Majors
Manwa L. Ng, Rita L. Bailey, Lance R. Lippert

Second Formant Frequency Transition in Diphthongs During Simultaneous Communication
Douglas J. MacKenzie, Marietta Bennett, Trisha Breen, Anne Bufano, Janella Clarke, Jessica Eggleston, Katie Eye, Russ Turner, Robert L. Whitehead